Living in a Hard Knock World

So much is happening in the world that is difficult to deal with. What can one person do?


Accept that you are a cosmic being, not a 3D-limited human being. As such, you live on planet designed to teach you how to be more, to expand your understanding, and to contribute to the evolution of others. It need not be complicated. You can open the door to your personal evolution in simple daily interactions. 

Take care of yourself. Eat your non-GMO veggies, get thee outdoors into the sunshine, and regularly take thyself to the trees! You needn't climb them - simply walk among or sit beneath them so they can do what they are here to do, and that is to clear and heal emotional fields. The plant kingdom is nature's healer.

Be kind to each person you are around. Smile at strangers. Thank people for holding doors open. Hold doors open for others. Carry dollar bills, food bars, and sturdy socks in your car to handout to homeless people. Give appreciation to friends and family for being there for you. Smile more - it will improve your own attitude, too. Tell children they are special - if you think life is challenging for you, consider those less fortunate.

Give away what you don't need to those who do need. Anything you no longer use belongs to someone out there who can't afford it. As cosmic beings, we don't "own" anything in this 3D universe. We rent it for awhile and then lovingly pass it on.

Allow others to walk their own journey and be there to support them as they seek to understand. Cease judging those who don't live according to your criteria and remember how much you dislike others telling you how to live your life.

Recognize your own strengths and commit to intentionally expressing at least one of them every day regardless of whether anyone else notices. What you express creates a vibration that attracts more of it into your life.

Recognize your weaknesses and commit to improving at least one of them them every day. Your intention to be "more" creates a vibration that supports your evolution.

Be gentle with other's failures and allow them to learn.

Be gentle with yourselfand recognize your own lessons.

Believe in yourself, and your own potential.

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A New Perspective Reveals Answers

Do you feel isolated? No one really gets who you are?

Confused on how to be a good person in a bad world?

Frustrated and anguished at a society gone wrong?

Distraught at chemtrails, global wars, and vaccinations?

Wondering when governments will respect their people?

Filled with anxiety from some deep, nameless source?

Experiencing self doubt but suspect you have value?

Welcome to Planet Earth, 2017.

Earth can seem a difficult place to dwell, but on a deep level, it's what we signed up to experience. Maybe it's time to stop seeing yourself as a victim, and instead choose to accept your personal power. It's a matter of shifting your perception, of looking at life from a fresh, cosmic point of view.

Don't waste another minute of life wallowing in a grey fog. It's time to wake up to the truth of your existence, and to revel in its magnificence.

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