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Havan* on Earth

A Simple and Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Agnihotra, a Vedic Fire Ceremony for Personal and Planetary Transformation

*Havan (Sanskrit) A healing fire ceremony

This informative and colorful handbook, of an ancient and scientifically-proven healing fire practice, is the first and only complete agnihotra workbook available in the world. Written with the westerner in mind, for those not familiar with Vedic practices. Filled with photos and encouragement to beginning and experienced practitioner alike.

Non-Fiction Handbook

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Book, Pathwalker, A Soul's Journey Through Reincarnations, Ellie Hadsall
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Book, Edible Weeds in a City Yard, handbook on finding and cooking edible weeds. Ellie Hadsall

Edible Wild Plants

in a City Yard

Don’t weed your yard;

munch your way through it!

If we value a wild plant, it is no longer a weed; instead it becomes a desired plant in Mother Nature’s garden.

If you have a yard free of pesticides and herbicides, or access to an untreated natural field, you can eat free organic, non-GMO greens daily, enjoy a full range of potent vitamins and mineral, and gather plants with no need to water, weed, or tend.

This colorful book includes photos, identification, nutritional benefits, and recipes of 11 common weeds.

Non-Fiction Handbook

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A Soul's Journey through Reincarnations

Journey with Elena as she unexpectedly emerges in a parallel existence. Every parallel life is an unknown, a place to confront fear, mystery, phenomenal new insights, and possibilities. Her mission: to survive with courage and personal integrity.

Spiritual Fantasy Fiction

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Book, Agnihotra, Havan on Earth, handbook on performing Agnihotra, Vedic healing fire ceremony, Ellie Hadsall

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