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I help you find answers, your answers, for your unique life path. For over 30 years I've helped people navigate life.

Realizing our highest potential can be a joyful experience so long as we are willing to self-assess our life, be eager for greater understanding, recognize and respect our innate wisdom, and courageously expand our comfort zone.

I honor clients from all walks of life, including neighbors, professionals, priests, hippies, ministers, addicts, those filled with fear, those struggling with depression, and those seeking to understand their soul-nature.

Life traditions of clients have included Christian, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Native American, Baha’i, Jewish, Pagan and Atheist, to name only a few.

With a background in human relations, handling life stress, and healthy living, I began mentoring individuals in 1980, and for six years wrote a self-development column which changed peoples lives. 1993 I was ordained in the Kriya tradition, a spiritual, non-religious path that honors all authentic spiritual traditions. I have appreciated its emphasis on practical application of cosmic truth principles into daily life. Subsequently, I established a spiritual center in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex which I co-directed for nine years, focusing on empowering people to self-determine, overcome deeply seated fears and pain, and to create a more fulfilling life.

After ten years as director of education and student counselor at an internationally renowned alternative healing school, I left in order to mentor individuals on their soul-evolution journey, and to devote more time to my writing.

Contact meif you would like to discuss your situation and consider consulting. Our initial phone conversation is free, will help us determine if I am the right support for you, and clarify if you are ready for working with me. If you are ready to step into your highest and best, NOW is the time to act.

I help you find answers, your answers, for your unique life path.

Client Requirements

If you are sincerely ready and willing to work with yourself, I'm available to discuss your concerns and intentions, with the following requests:
1) You commit to intentionally apply insights gained into your daily life.
2) You agree to report back to me results of your application.
3) You allow me to keep us both on focus during a session so we make prime use of our time together.
4) You are willing to move toward self- validation, recognizing I do not validate you, but only assist you to awaken your own inner wisdom and confidence.

We will develop practical steps to put your highest wisdom into action. I help you find answers, your answers, for your unique life path. Self realization on planet Earth requires putting cosmic truths into consistent human action.

We will not look for perfection; only the intention to patiently practice until benefits begin to reveal themselves, and they will!

Together, in an empowering and validating experience, you and I address your concerns from a cosmic level of understanding, seeking to determine what you were born to learn and to offer as a soul. We connect with your higher wisdom which is unhindered and unfettered by worldly concerns, in order to discern the highest and best choices for your life.

As an intuitive, with your permission, I access your higher consciousness, bypassing your mind's conditioned beliefs. When clients are ready and willing to learn what their highest wisdom desires, results can be transformational.

Contact me for details

What Clients Say ...

Ellie Hadsall is a great spiritual guide, who will shine light down the paths and allow you to choose the one for you. Her guidance is based in reality and practicality, while she guides toward the possibilities. - E.C.

Ellie is a beautiful, compassionate spirit who lives in grace. To work with Ellie is to challenge oneself and grow into the person who resides within. - N.G.

Ellie helped me through the most difficult transition of my life.... divorce. She encouraged, supported and cheered me on. Today, I am a better woman, much thanks to her! - L.F.

I've known Ellie for 8 years and her ability to manage and deal knowledgeably with people is exceptional. Her skill set comes from a deep level of understanding human and soul nature. - B.D.

Ellie, is a wonderful spiritual mentor with her clarity, wisdom, sense of humor, charm and authenticity. Her healing ceremonies have brought true healing and positive change to our community. Her gifts and skills are invaluable. Ellie is a healer I truly admire and I  highly recommend. - Y.W.

I sought someone to help me who had authenticity, who would be straight with me in a kind way, and help me find clarity in who I am. A friend suggested you and I am so glad he did. Your help has been a god-send.  - R.R.

I blamed myself for a friend's suicide, and the guilt made me severely depressed. Thank God someone recommended you ... when I understood what really happened, instead of my imagined reasons, I could finally forgive myself and move on.  - M.R.

Consultation Detail

I meet with clients in my home office, via Skype, or phone.

My fee is $65/hour. Each additional 1-15 minute increment is an additional $15, and will be charged only if we agree in advance to continue our conversation.

Long distance clients pay by PayPal or via a mailed personal check.  Contact me for details

Consultations with Ellie

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