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Agnihotra: Havan on Earth

Children are naturally attracted to healing fire ceremony and meditation.

Tranquil Sunset Agnihotra Fire

Perform agnihotra with a joyful heart,

and carry the joy into daily events.

Ellie Hadsall's organic garden nourished by Agnihotra Vedic healing. Yagnya, agnihotra, homa, havan fire ceremony

Agnihotra ceremony patio in the back yard of our Albuquerque home. With this homemade outdoor brick fireplace, I performed in all types of weather. Instructions for this simple fireplace are included in the handbook,Agnihotra: Havan on Earth.

Agnihotra and Vedic Fire Ceremony Havans to Heal, Transform, and Enlighten

Agnihotra Vedic healing fire ceremony raises the vibrational frequency of a space.

All lifeforms in that space shift to a higher vibration that supports new, fresh and more harmonious choices in life. When transforming to a "new way of being", the vibration of your previous choices continues to pull and tug you back. Healing ceremony assists you to dissolve old, completed energy patterns, thus releasing you to express the new. Ceremony includes a transformational fire in a small copper pyramid, chanting or singing, visualization, and other modes of clearing and manifestation. Fire ceremony supports major life changes such as physical illness or disease, moving to a new home, birth of a baby, new partnership or marriage, releasing from a past relationship, releasing from a traumatic event or tragedy, blessing a departed loved one, and clearing negative energy from a space. It is also used to cleanse an area of land or agriculture, and to heal it from disease or infestations. It brings nourishment and vitality to plants, animals and nature. Healing ceremony can assist with any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a fire ceremony (havan) conducted?
A small fire is burned in a copper pyramid of specific mathematical proportions. Small pieces of dried cow dung are burned as fuel, along with ghee, known for its medicinal properties (see "Ghee Explanation" below). Rice and other ingredients may also be utilized. Each havan has a specific Sanskrit chant to sing which creates a vibrational change. Combined, these components transmute into an entirely new energy that transforms the surrounding environment. Scientific studies have proven the efficacy of these havans, which have been used for over 5000 years to support and heal all living things, and the planet. In alignment with recent studies in the field of quantum physics, Vedic tradition teaches that the effects of havans are multidimensional.

How did you learn agnihotra Vedic healing fire ceremony?
Much love and appreciation goes to those who introduced me to and taught me Vedic fire ceremony practices (havan) through the years! Swami *Ramananda..., a revered and reclusive Kriya Yoga master from the Himalayas who does not promote himself to the public,  introduced me to Vedic fire ceremonies in 1998, and encouraged me to learn and teach it as part of my dharma (life purpose). Following his guidance, I eventually found Richard and Lisa Powers, devotees of Vasant Pranjape, who kindly and enthusiastically taught me agnihotra via mail and phone calls. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic master, subsequently shared his devotional insights. Dear Fate then connected me with Mohan Jadhav, who lovingly continued with his teachings and support. Along the way I met many others who encouraged me. Special thanks goes to all who enthusiastically attend my fire ceremonies, and to those who have learned fire healing from me and carried it out to their communities. And so the ripple effect takes this healing practice to all corners of our beautiful planet.
*Note: Numerous "Ramanada's" found online are not this same reclusive master.

How do I use fire ceremony during significant astrological events?

Full Moon Ceremony
Full moon is a time to clear out and relinquish all that is no longer useful, releasing those energies back to the infinite quantum field. This leaves an open space for the new, more vital, to enter your life. During the full moon, usual healing effects of a fire havan are expanded. Participants experience a clearing and re-balancing of their electro-magnetic and entire energy field. Attendees, nature, environment, and surrounding community experience the nurturing results of a havan. As you heal yourself, you simultaneously help heal the planet and her other life forms. All things are connected.

New Moon Ceremony
New moon is the time to create the new, re-start in a fresh direction, and manifest the preferred. Visualize who you want to BE, and the life you choose to dwell within. The more clearly you visualize and believe, the more quickly the new can manifest. A havan presented during this time supports nature and the environment to shift in the same way. During the new moon, usual healing effects of a fire havan are expanded. Participants, nature, environment, and surrounding community experience the nurturing results of a havan. As you heal yourself, you simultaneously help heal the planet and her other life forms. All things are connected.

Solar or Lunar Eclipse
A solar or lunar eclipse affects our electro-magnetic energy field as well as that of our planet. As the planet is affected, so are we and our environment affected. This can disrupt emotions, energy, and thought patterns to a substantial degree. People frequently experience emotional and energetic distress during this time. A havan during an eclipse assists us to rebalance, re-calibrate, and raises the frequency of our energy vibration. Meditation after this havan integrates those effects into our body-mind-spirit. Additionally, the effects of this event's field expand into the community and environment, offering them support.

Equinox and Solstice

Solstice and Equinox are times to give thanks for what we are experiencing, to re-calibrate where we need to adjust in our life, and to prepare for upcoming months. Depending upon the date of the calendar, it is a time to set a template for the new year, welcome the fresh possibilities of spring, nurture the growth of the life we have planted, or harvest the fruits of our creations as we also prepare for inner contemplation during the winter months. Nature is aligned with such change, and a havan assists us to attune with that support. As we do so, the ceremony radiates powerful energetic support for our community.

Is agnihotra ash used for healing?
Yes. I use it on our landscape and gardens. You can sprinkle the ash on plants or soil directly or first mix it with water. I also make ash water "tea" which is used in preparing healing tonics, such as Ayurvedic Draksha. I use this ash to make healing decoctions with herbs and ghee to heal external wounds or issues on both people and animals.

From my handbook,
"Agnihotra, Havan on Earth", 7:52, 53:  "According to personal testimonies, ancient Vedic writings, and recent scientific studies, the answer [to can it be used for healing] is a resounding “yes”! ... Google “agnihotra ash water crystals” to find an online photo of an ash water crystal as developed by Dr. Masurao Emoto’s renowned technique of photographing crystals of healthy and unhealthy water." 

Who can perform agnihotra?

Anyone who is sufficiently responsible to work with fire is capable of being a fire keeper. Women, men, children, ex-convicts, ministers, and people from all walks of life and cultures can perform. Because this is a healing science, and not a religious practice, it can be utilized by people of all faiths.

Yagnya of the Great Lord is the supporter of innumerable Worlds and purifies us all…     

                 - Yajur Veda, Chapter 1, Sutra 3

Yagnya acts as purifier, makes explicit, true and perfect knowledge (that is) spread in space through the rays of the sun, purifies the air, is the mainstay of the universe, and also adds to our comfort through its exalted office. It behooves us all the learned, and their followers, to not give up the performance of yagnyas.
- Yajur Veda, Chapter 1, Sutra 2

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Ellie Hadsall teaching agnihotra to a student and child. Yagnya, agnihotra, homa, havan

Sunrise and Sunset Agnihotra

Turn up the sound to hear comforting, crackling flames!

Agnihotra Vedic Fire Healing

abundant apricot crop healed with agnihotra Vedic healing fire ceremony.

The planet's first and only comprehensive handbook on Agnihotra. 84 pages of detailed explanation, photos, instruction; answers questions for beginner or experienced fire practitioners.

Ellie Hadsall's backyard agnihotra Vedic healing fire ceremony. Yagnya, agnihotra, homa, havan patio
Community celebration with Agnihotra Vedic healing fire ceremony. Ellie Hadsall. Yagnya, agnihotra, homa, havan with multiple practitioners.

What is the difference between agnihotra, havan, homa, yaag, yagnya?

Agnihotra is one specific fire ceremony of a vast number of Vedic sacred fire ceremonies. Agnihotra is performed only at sunrise and sunset, which alters and raises electro-magnetic vibrations, resulting in healing, peace of mind, enhanced sense of well-being, release of addictions, renewed vitality, reduction in frequency of illness and disease, and neutralized toxins in the environment. It heals individuals, animals, plants, the environment, and our planet.

The correct word for all Vedic fire ceremonies is yagnya, also referred to as yaag, with multiple additional options of spelling. A yagnya includes a fire, along with multiple other components which may include chants, mudras (hand gestures creating energetic patterns), offering of flowers, herbs, or incense, and other additions. A havan or homa is the portion of each yagnya where an offering is made to the fire, which represents the enlivening Source of existence. Across the world, the public uses these terms interchangeably; albeit incorrectly. it's helpful to not be overly concerned about this. What is important is to understand, offer, and respect the profound benefits to anyone who performs or attends such a ceremony. On the web, many organizations refer to these ceremonies as “homa”. In my writing, I frequently refer to Vedic fire ceremony as "havan", which is related in meaning and intent to more familiar English words of "heaven" and "havan", referring to a sanctuary, which an havan indeed provides. In my handbook “Agnihotra: Havan on Earth” I offer a more thorough explanation of terminology and origins of Agnihotra.

Does agnihotra replace meditation?
Think of agnihotra and meditation as companion tools. Once the chanting and offering portion of a fire ceremony is completed, you sit in silence and meditate. I meditated for fifteen years prior to learning agnihotra and would not be who I am today without its amazing benefits. Agnihotra enhances my meditation by creating a peaceful atmosphere. Because agnihotra spreads healing outward across the community, it unobtrusively helps all life forms to experience harmony. Knowing I've promoted harmony for others releases my mind from worldly distraction and deepens my relationship with inner and higher wisdom. Either one by itself is transformational. Practiced together, benefits are exponential.

What is ghee?
Ghee is clarified, purified butter. To make ghee, unsalted cow's butter is cooked over a slow fire until impurities rise to the surface to be skimmed away and drop to the bottom as small, caramelized debris. The remaining melted "clarified butter" is known as "ghee". Used for thousands of years in Middle Eastern and Eastern cultures, ghee is recognized for medicinal and rejuvenating qualities. Healing herbs and spices may be added to ghee for further medicinal value. Because of its purity, mold and bacteria do not grow within it. Ghee can be stored for years at room temperature without molding or turning rancid, so long as contaminating moisture is not added. Any contamination can be spooned out and the remaining ghee is still pure. Because of its purity and oil properties, it is used for havan fires. Ash resulting from Agnihotra havan can be combined with ghee and other vehicles to create healing remedies. Instructions are included in my agnihotra handbook.

The comprehensive handbook, "Agnihotra: Havan on Earth: A Simple and Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Agnihotra, a Vedic Fire Ceremony for Personal and Planetary Healing", contains detailed information and answers 61 FAQs  on performing agnihotra and other Vedic fire ceremony. 
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How to Perform Agnihotra

Ellie Hadsall performing agnihotra and additional Vedic healing fire ceremony at Spring equinox. Yagnya, agnihotra, homa, havan

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Agnihotra Havan on Earth Vedic healing fire ceremony, book cover, ellie hadsall
Agnihotra, Havan on Earth book, homa, yagnya, Vedic, healing, ellie hadsall

Multiple fire practitioners leading a Summer Solstice fire ceremony, offered for personal transformation

and healing of the community.

We moved to a new home with a dying apricot tree in the back yard. After a year of regular agnihotra, the next summer it was laden with delicious fruit, providing a haven for butterflies and bees.

Agnihotra heals.

People. Animals. Plants. Atmosphere.  Environment. Water. Living Spaces. Relationships. Fear. Past Choices. Shame. Regrets. Negative Influences. Dissolves addictions. Find peace and resolution.

Healing effects of agnihotra are scientifically proven. Fire and Sound are powerful healing modalities, recognized by multiple cultures for centuries.

Agnihotra Vedic healing fire ceremony is a simple, profound and proven sacred practicefrom an ancient tradition,referred to variably by Sanskrit words yagnya, havan, or homa. As one of many scientifically proven fire practices from this  tradition, agnihotra fire is burned in a small copper pyramid at precisely sunrise and sunset. Specific chants provide sounds that raise the vibration of the surrounding area, creating a desired positive effect on the environment, nature, and all life forms.

Agnihotra can be performed by anyone of any culture.

I perform agnihotra and other fire ceremonies for a variety purposes, also teaching it to anyone of sincere intent. A sample of people I have taught to perform agnihotra for personal or professional reasons include householders, children, students, teachers, ministers, Native Americans, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, Hindus, scientists, priests, doctors, farmers, and alternative healers. You, too, can learn, perform, and teach this profound practice.

Perform fire ceremony to heal you and your community.

A havan (healing fire ceremony) offers a framework for group or individual emotional and physical healing, relinquishing unwanted beliefs, habits or thought patterns, releasing unworkability, and manifesting, to name only a few benefits. You can offer fire healing ceremony for the planet, world peace, supporting joyful planetary consciousness, re-setting nature's energetic grids, and any purpose in harmony with the Divine, whatever you perceive that to be.

Hear and learn agnihotra chants!

Sunrise Chant        Sunset Chant

Tranquil Sunrise Agnihotra Fire

Yard in our high desert home was filled with scroungy 3ft tall weeds when we moved in. We cleared it out and planted a garden. Applying compost and doing daily agnihotra, by the next summer our organic garden and herbs were abundant. With agnihotra nourishment, plants readily thrived in hot summer sun.